Your 1st 10 Days as a Christian: A Daily Journey Through Essential Lessons from God’s Word (DVD)

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Your 1st 10 Days as a Christian written by Edwin Crozier offers assistance to the newborn Christian who needs desperately to have a strong start on the right path. Crozier offers the new believer this resource for encouragement and growth for the new Christian.


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Helping New Christians Get Into the Word Right from the Start

What do you do the 1st 10 days of your Christian walk? Newborn Christians, thirsty for the Word of God, are put on the right path right away with Your 1st 10 Days as a Christian by Edwin Crozier.  Scriptural accuracy and professional quality make this resource an important part of any home or church library.  Let Your 1st 10 Days as a Christian bring growth and encouragement to you and your new brothers and sisters in Christ.

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