Word for Word: A Daily Lexicon for Your Spiritual Journey



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Word for Word is a book about who we are—every one us. It’s about our feelings—our ins and outs, our joys and sorrows, our times of weakness and failings. Hal takes us on visits to special places—like family fun, and bad drivers, and thoughts about how foolish we all are sometimes. He takes us down a melancholy street by suggesting some pensive moments—moments of love, heartache, and down right, belly-laughable humor—special feelings, all. Ultimately, every little snippet of information is intended for only one purpose: to take you to the Bible. Hal Hammons shows in every sketch an undying, indefatigable faith in God’s message. While it’s interesting the routes he takes, you have to read but a few pieces to see where he’s going. He’s headed all the while toward the Bible. And it’s a nice ride. (Excerpted from Foreword). Foreword by Dee Bowman.

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