Whoso Findeth a Wife



Culture can influence marriage and help define the roles of husband and wife. But our culture doesn’t always agree with scripture. Dene Ward uses the Bible to describe a wife and offers practical, scriptural advice for how women can live out that role.  Written as a study guide with essays and study questions, it is a useful tool for new brides, women’s classes or for individual study of the scriptures.


Despite the opinion of today’s woman, who believes that being a wife is so simple she must have something real to do with her life, it is not that easy. Too often culture has a way of sneaking into our thinking, and whereas the Scriptures suit all cultures, not all cultures suit the Scriptures. Dene Ward has taken ten metaphors the Bible uses to describe a wife, and, as she always does, shown how those can be used in a practical way to make ourselves into the ideal helper God intended from the beginning. This book can be used as a gift for a new bride, an individual study guide for any wife, or a women’s class book with the thought questions included at the end of each essay.

About the Author

Dene Ward has taught the Bible for more than 30 years, spoken at women’s retreats and lectureships, and is the author of ladies’ class material, including Born of a Woman: Woman’s Place in the Scheme of Redemption and Whoso Findeth a Wife? She lives in Lake Butler, Florida with husband Keith.

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