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Who is the Greatest Superhero?

Do you have a favorite superhero? What is it about them that makes them your favorite? Did you ever want to be like them and wish you had super powers like they do? We all have our favorite. Who do you think would win, if we could get them all together? Which one would emerge as the greatest superhero?  Who do you think would be the ultimate winner? You’re favorite of course! But, putting favoritism aside, who would really be the greatest? If you love superheroes, then you’re going to enjoy this book about a young boy who wants to be like his favorite superhero and tries to fly like one. Join him on the adventure of a lifetime as he journeys on his quest. Ultimately, he just wants to be able to do something special, to be someone special. Eventually, he learns that there is only one true superhero and that Jesus is the greatest superhero of all. Then he learns another valuable lesson when he finds out that being a servant of the one true King is the greatest gift of all.


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Casey Head is 31 years old and currently resides in Blackfoot, ID with his wife and six children. After spending 13 years as an evangelist for Churches of Christ across the country, he now works in the nuclear industry.
Casey has been a published author since 2005. His “Silver Falls Series” for young adults has received the most acclaim from young and old alike, but he has written everything from suspense-thrillers based in the Old Testament to illustrated children’s books, to Bible study guides on Psalms and other spiritual topics.


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