Just Jesus: The Evidence of History



For the most part, people have made up their mind about Jesus, and most either hate or love Him. The question becomes how much do you know about Him rather than did He exist? In Just Jesus: The Evidence of History, James “Tommy” South discusses the Jesus of history, not just our religious ideas about His existence. Read along as he answers many historical questions about Jesus.


Few people are able to ignore Jesus. He has devotees and detractors, but hardly anyone is neutral about him. But how much do we know about him? Whether we love him or loathe him, it only makes sense that we know what and whom we’re talking about. Just Jesus is about what we can know about Jesus. Jesus isn’t just a religious idea but a phenomenon of history. That means we can and should ask about him all of the historical questions we can think of and see which ones can and can’t be answered. Fortunately, we’re able to learn a lot more about Jesus than most people think.


About the Author

James T. (Tommy) South is the minister of the Glen Allen Church of Christ in suburban Richmond, VA, and also serves as an adjunct professor of Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he has taught courses on Jesus and the New Testament since 1989. He has also taught at Abilene Christian University, The College of William & Mary, Averett University, and the Seoul International Bible Institute. His Ph.D. in New Testament and Early Christianity is from the University of Virginia.

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