Jesus and Jonah


J. W. McGarvey defends the Biblical account of Jonah in Jesus and Jonah. Did Jesus accept the historicity of the OT? Or did He reject it entirely? McGarvey holds that the entire New Testament validates the historical significance of the Old.



Jesus and Jonah is J.W. McGarvey’s defense of the historicity of the Biblical account of the book of Jonah based on Jesus’ teaching about Jonah—which is the same as His teaching regarding the historicity of the rest of the Old Testament. This would indicate that Jesus either accepts all of it as historical or none of it as historical. Since the New Testament makes it plain that Jesus accepts the Old as historical, McGarvey argues that the denial of the Jonah story makes Jesus either a liar or a fool. Introduction by Professor William Henry Green. New foreword by Dr. David McClister.

“In a world where students are increasingly encouraged and expected to hold to their own views quietly, and even uncritically, this book is like a breath of fresh air.”

– David McClister, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies and Languages
Florida College, Temple Terrace, Fla.

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