Hard Core: Defeating Sexual Temptation with a Superior Satisfaction




So many—men and women included—are being slaughtered in their struggle with sexual sin. Individual lives, marriages, children, influences for good, ministries of gospel preachers, and entire congregations of the Lord’s people are being seriously impacted. It is commendable for us to sing, “Soldiers of Christ arise.” But if we sing those words, then proceed to ignore where the battle is being lost, the devastation will only continue to grow.

If we are going to win this battle, we must strike at the root of the problem. We must sound the call for righteous warfare. We must dedicate ourselves to hardcore holiness and fight sexual temptation with a superior satisfaction.

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Jason Hardin lives in central Ohio with his wife, three daughters, and his Bullmasador. He has been preaching since 1998 and currently works with the Laurel Canyon church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio. A great deal of Jason’s work is freely available at www.ingodsimage.com. He can be reached at jason@ingodsimage.com


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