Grace Does That?


Take a fresh look at grace with Perry Hall in Grace Does That? Find out the power of grace and how it leads directly to worship.

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Can a topic be both overexposed yet underdeveloped? In Grace Does That? Perry Hall contends that this is the paradoxical nature of the subject of grace. With his unique style of writing, he investigates the grace that builds confidence, the grace that is sufficient, the grace that is understood, the grace that obligates, the grace that motivates, the grace that rekindles, and the grace that worships.


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  1. Dan DeGarmo

    “Nothing is needed more by man than God’s grace. And any work that gives us a better insight into this all important topic is a valuable work indeed. Perry Hall’s book is such a book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. His points are significant and his illustrations are memorable. Each page exudes his wit and warmth as a writer. You will be charmed by this book. Even better, you’ll be instructed by it. I heartily recommend it.” – Kenny Chumbley

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