Built by the Lord: A Study of the Family



Built by the Lord explains a Biblical look at the home and the role the Lord should be playing in building it. Edwin Crozier takes the reader through a Biblical and challenging perspective of how the Lord builds a home.

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A biblical and challenging look at the Lord-built home. Built by the Lord answers questions about the purpose of the Lord-built home, the roles in the Lord-built home, the goals of the Lord-built home, the habits a Lord-built home maintains, and how the Lord-built home interacts with the Lord’s family. Each chapter comes packed with Biblically-based teaching, challenging personal responses, points for further meditation, and prayers to seed your own prayer life inviting God to build your home.

About the Author

Edwin Crozier is a husband and father, who also happens to preach the gospel. He and Marita have been married since 1995. They are striving together to raise Tessa, Ethan, Ryan, and Trina, their four blessings from the Lord. They are not a perfect family, but they are striving to let the Lord build their home and are certain He can overcome their imperfections.