Walks With God: Daily Exercise for Your Journey to Heaven



Whether you are already walking with God, just getting started on your exercise regimen or struggling to maintain your workout discipline, Walks with God will help you get on the right track and stay there.  No, you won’t lose 20 lbs. in one month.  You will, however, learn to lay aside life’s burdens so you can endure and enjoy the journey before you.

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Just like our bodies need exercise, our souls need spiritual exercises. Every day thousands of Christians hit the gym, go for a run, take a swim or practice Pilates. We want to take care of our bodies so they will be around for a while.  Regrettably, too many are missing out on the greatest exercise – walking with God.  It’s good for the heart, good for the soul and, yes, even good for the body.  It is the only exercise with everlasting benefits.

Walks with God provides you with a month of godly exercise, stretching your spiritual muscles and challenging you to move your relationship with God to the next level.  You will get to know God better every day as we use the Bible to Get Our Bearings for the walk and then draw closer to God as we walk Hand In Hand with Him through our hectic world.

Start your Walks with God today.

About the Author

Edwin Crozier works as a Bible teacher and preacher with the Christians who meet at Livingston Avenue in Lutz, Florida. He has been devoted to the work of preaching for more than 20 years, working with churches in Texas, Tennessee, Indiana and now Florida. He takes great joy in simply sharing with others how God’s way works. Edwin and his wonderful wife Marita live with their two daughters, Tessa and Trina, and their two sons, Ethan and Ryan.

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