Thinking Through Job



Glean as much as you can from the book of Job in L.A. Mott’sThinking Through Job.  The author walks each reader through the entire book revealing many truths about this enigmatic Bible character.

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Thinking Through Job is for the serious Bible student wishing to understand Job and to understand his character, his preaching and his times will be grateful for L.A. Mott’sThinking Through Job. As in other of Mott’s works, a logical outline provides a simple guide to the text itself, and brings to light what otherwise might be overlooked in a casual reading.

About the Author

L.A. Mott, Jr. has been a serious student of the Scriptures for more than 50 years. Through lectures and writings, he has shared the fruit of his study among churches of Christ throughout the United States and internationally. Two principles from 2 Timothy 3.16-17 undergird all his efforts: the sufficiency of Scripture and the value of all Scripture. Brother Mott passed away in 2016.

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