Two Men: Articles on Practical Christian Living



Two Men:  Articles on Practical Christian Living by Bill Hall, offers the believer a thoughtful look into the Christian walk. Though the Christian living articles were written to another generation, the timeless truths are still applicable to the believer of today.

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If the number of articles copied from a book indicates its value, then Two Men, first published in 1998, must have been widely considered useful. This little book has proved to be one of the most popular sources of church bulletin articles in recent years. Perhaps it is their brevity that makes them fit nicely in a bulletin. More likely it is the practical treatment of needed topics in such a way that what is right appears reasonable and preferable to any alternative.

The brief articles contrasting different characters fill about one-fourth of the book, thus the title, Two Men. The men described remind us of people we know, and sometime of ourselves, as we see qualities both good and bad so graphically described. Such portraits should encourage self-improvement. The remaining articles are equally practical, dealing with such subjects as family, church, doctrinal questions and Christian living, providing godly wisdom for dealing with real life situations.

About the Author

William Joseph (Bill) Hall was born in Birmingham, AL, August 7, 1937. Bill’s formal education was obtained at Alabama Christian College (now Faulkner University) and at David Lipscomb College. He began preaching while in college and since graduating, he has served churches in the US, Nigeria, Australia, and Canada.

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