The Devil’s Domain: Understanding Spiritual Darkness



The devil is already defeated, but too many times he has power over our lives because we give it to him. He never lets up but keeps working to pull us back into spiritual darkness. We are called as children of God’s marvelous light. Learn how to fight off the forces of spiritual darkness and how to equip yourself to win over darkness in The Devil’s Domain.


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Are you afraid of the dark? For most, nothing is more dreaded and fearful than darkness. It’s gloomy and makes things obscure. In the Devil’s Domain, we learn how darkness is disorienting and robs things of their identity, creating a fear of the unknown. Perhaps this is why this picture is used so often in Scripture to describe the devil’s domain. Satan and his forces are constantly working in the shadows to draw us back into darkness.

Never forget you have been created to thrive in the warmth of God’s marvelous light. With God’s strength, you can fight off the forces of spiritual darkness. In The Devil’s Domain, you can learn more about spiritual darkness and equip yourself to find the spiritual victory promised to all who believe.