Risen! The First 40 Days of Your Christian Life



You became a Christian, but…now what? These guided activities and readings provide direction and instructions for living out your Christian life and will help get you started on your journey.


When you were baptized you identified yourself with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. You “died” to the practice of sin when you repented, made up your mind to live for God and were “raised up to walk in newness of life.” Risen! You are a new creature embarking on a new journey. The activities for the next forty days are to get you started on that wonderful journey.

Most of the sections of this book are brief considerations of much larger subjects. People have written entire books on prayer, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, hope, temptation, judgment, and so on. The daily readings in this book, however, will serve as valuable introductions for new Christians to the larger subjects.

About the Author

Dr. C. Philip Slate preached the gospel and taught at Christian schools, colleges, and universities around the world (including time at Harding School of Theology and Abilene Christian University) for decades before retiring to focus on missionary work and writing. His work in this field has been extensive, including receiving a doctorate in missiology, consulting and doing mission work in dozens of countries on every continent, working with churches to train and evaluate mission work, and writing to help Christians in this worthy endeavor.