Penny Sue the Pure Hearted



Join Penny Sue the Pure Hearted as she leads you through the true meaning of having a pure heart. This book contains a practical look at the Beatitudes and demonstrates how they look as real life plays out.

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What did Jesus mean when He asked us to be pure in heart? Penny Sue will find out when she comes face-to-face with a new girl at school who is rather prickly.Why is this person so difficult to get to know? Will Penny Sue be able to make friends with a girl who might be bad? Some things aren’t always what they seem. See how God helps Penny Sue and see what happens with these two unlikely friends.

About the Author

Serena DeGarmo lives in the hills of southern Ohio with her husband, Daniel, seven kids and two dogs. While owning and operating Captivating Salon and Boutique, she loves bringing the words of Jesus to hearts of children. She writes a daily blog for grown-ups, too. You can find her at or follow her on Facebook at