Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount



Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution:  Studies in the Sermon on the Mount offers readers an in-depth and comprehensive look at the Sermon on the Mount. Readers will find timeless truths that are practical and applicable today.

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Few preachers have studied the Sermon on the Mount as intensively or spoken on its contents so frequently and effectively as the author of this work. Invitation to a Spiritual Revolution, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, provides an excellent and very readable written analysis which appeared first as a series of articles in Christianity Magazine. By popular demand, it is here offered in one volume so that it can be more easily preserved, circulated, read, reread and made available to those who would not otherwise have access to these practical studies in the Sermon on the Mount. Foreword by Sewell Hall.

“Paul Earnhart knows how to write—and well. He is articulate, concise, and gets to the heart of Jesus as well as anyone. He makes me think. And I need that.” – Wilson Adams, author of Around the House

About the Author

Paul Earnhart and his wife Wilma have three children: Eric, Kim Lathan, and Beth Ray. He received his formal education at Abilene Christian College (BA, 1953) and College of St. Thomas (MA, 1971). Paul began preaching more than 50 years ago during his college days in Texas, but has since preached in Nigeria, West Africa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri and now in Louisville, KY.


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