Beneath the Cross: Essays and Reflections on the Lord’s Supper


Various authors contribute to this work which discusses the deep significance of the Lord’s supper. What implications are true for the believer who chooses to live beneath the cross of Jesus?  Find out how the Lord’s supper is significant still today.




Discover the Many Truths Beneath the Cross of Jesus

The Bible has much to say about the Lord’s Supper.  Almost every component of this memorial is rich with meaning—meaning supplied by Old Testament foreshadowing and New Testament teaching.  The Lord’s death itself is meaningful and significant in ways we rarely point out.  In sixty-nine essays by forty different authors, Beneath the Cross explores the depths of symbolism and meaning to be found in the last hours of the Lord’s life and offers a helpful look at the memorial feast that commemorates it. There is much to be learned from beneath the cross of Jesus.

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Various Authors:
Wilson Adams, Joseph Bingham, Mark E. Bingham, Andy Cantrell, Kenneth T. Chumbley, Kelly Cook, Jady S. Copeland, Kenneth Craig, Edwin L. Crozier, Melvin D. Curry, Daniel DeGarmo, Matt DeVore, Gary Fisher, Ben Greiving, Patrick N. Halbrook, Sewell Hall, Matt Harber, Jason Hardin, C. Benjamin Hastings, Mark L. Hatfield, Gary Henry, Brent Hunter, T. Mark Lloyd Sr., Ethan R. Longhenry, Reagan Allen McClenny, David McClister, Mark Moseley, Doy Moyer, Robert A. Ogden, Daniel W. Petty, Martin Pickup, Nathan Quinn, Jerold Redding, Hill Roberts, John D. Trimble, Ralph Walker, Steve Wallace, Keith Ward, Lucas Ward, Nathan Ward, Coulter A. Wickerham


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