“Cross in the Shield” NanoBible Classic Pendant

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This unique Christian design contains a cross inside a shield. The pendant has the entire Bible nano-inscribed inside.

The circular cross medallion, designed and created by Sarah Ha measures .75″. Enjoy this unique and beautiful way to keep the Word close to the heart. Its beauty makes it a high-quality gift for any special occasion.

The sparkling circular medallion contains the entire nano-inscribed New Testament. Made of the highest quality materials and meticulously designed, the forever charm remains under the protection of an optically clear crystal window which is framed by a gleaming pendant that is constructed from high quality, 100% solid sterling silver. This is indeed a remarkable pendant and precious keepsake that will endure for generations.

Want to see how it works? Watch the video below!

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Looking for a unique gift idea for the holidays, weddings or a religious occasion? The “Cross in the Shield” NanoBible classic pendant may be just what you are looking for. What better present to give someone important in your life than the gift of faith. Sarah Ha Jewelry is great for any occasion but it is especially popular during the holidays, weddings, births and baptisms. Both beautiful and elegant, this limited edition King James 1611 Holy Bible pendant makes the perfect token for anyone in your life. Give the gift of comfort, love and joy with Sarah Ha Jewelry and this cross shield pendant.

The entire New Testament of the timeless King James 1611 Holy Bible is readable page by page, word for word with a lab quality 400x microscope. There are 180,552 words in the 7,957 verses of the Holy Bible nano-engraved on the pendant.  Yes every single verse is there.

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