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DeWard Publishing Company is an independent, faith-based publishing company focused on helping readers explore the Bible, deepen their faith, and strengthen their identities as children of God.

DeWard Publishing Company began with a single title in June 2007. Over the past 11 years, that one book grew to a library of over 80 publications, tens of thousands of books in circulation all over the world, and endorsements from some of the top names in Christian publishing and apologetics.

Book of the Year Award for Christian Publishing2012 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year AwardAs publishers, we have a passion for quality and careful attention to detail. We work closely with our authors and support their visions as their work comes to life. It is our mission to encourage and promote Christian writers who are dedicated to further the gospel through the written word.

DeWard is looking for both new and established authors to add to our growing library. If you have a manuscript that may fit our corporate vision, please visit our Getting Published page.

It is our goal to publish books for believers of all ages that
instill and enrich the principles of faith, discipleship, love,
and the community we share in Christ Jesus.