The Big Picture of the Bible

The Big picture of the Bible

We currently offer “The Big Picture of the Bible” by the box for evangelistic use, class materials, or teacher training programs. One box contains 128 copies and retails for $349.00, plus shipping. This represents a savings of over 60% from the full retail rate (shipping rates will vary based on location).

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In his short, but powerful book, The Big Picture of the Bible author Kenneth Craig summarizes the central theme of the Bible in a simple, yet comprehensive approach. Evangelists across the world have used this presentation to convert countless souls to Jesus Christ. If you, your group or your church has a focus on evangelism and a desire to reach the lost, then this book may be one of the most effective and powerful resources you can invest in. The author takes the complexities of sharing the gospel and makes it easy to share in this tangible tool to use for evangelism efforts.

*Due to the rising costs of printing and shipping, the bulk discounts in the back of the earliest printings of The Big Picture of the Bible are no longer valid. We apologize for any inconvenience. Up to date pricing information can always be found here on our website.